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Proofing & Comments


In the Proofing area, you can access Spell check, Dictionaries, Thesauruses, Encyclopedias, Multilingual dictionaries/translations, and Word Count.

The Spell Check is self-explanatory, and is duplicated in the status bar (on the left side, next to the Word Count).

Most of the rest is mostly one feature: the "Research" pane:

As you can see in its drop-down menu, the dictionary, thesauruses, encyclopedia, translation, and other resources are all available through here; clicking on the various Ribbon buttons simply take you to the same place.

There are several excellent resources available, but the most useful to language students is the multilingual dictionary. The English dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia will be useful to students in general.

If you select a word and then click on the Research button in the Ribbon, the Research Pane will appear, and the term you selected will already be input. To input a new term, click in the box in the pane and type it. Then click the green arrow to the right of the term to search, and click the small toggle boxes to the left of each resource below to see the results. A few examples:



You can create and review comments for people who view this document at a different time and place. The idea is similar to PowerPoint, but different in how it is displayed. The buttons look the same...

However, if you select some text and make a comment, it looks like this:

As you can see, the selected text is highlighted, and the comment is displayed in an extra margin on the right; the two are connected by a line.

Many people do not like this layout, however. There are ways to change it.

  • Display for Review: This is the drop-down menu at the top of the Tracking area in the Review tab. If you choose Final, you will just see the text; if you choose Final Showing Markup, the comments will be visible.
  • Reviewing Pane: Even if the comments are hidden, you can still see them by opening the Reviewing Pane, either along the left or the bottom of the window.


The other two sections we will NOT look at in this class:

  • Changes – Compare: These are advanced features for "collaboration," where several different people make changes to a document over a period of time.
  • Protect: Gives different users different permissions to read or change the document.
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