CPS100 • Introduction to Computers

Lakeland College • Japan Campus

Your PowerPoint Project


10% of your Introduction to Computers grade comes from your PowerPoint project. After beginning the semester with PowerPoint instruction, you must create a compelling slideshow, and present it to the class at the end of the semester.

Your presentation:

  • can be on any topic (nothing illegal or inappropriate);
  • must have a single, controlling idea (i.e., a topic sentence);
  • must have a clear beginning, middle, and end;
  • must have at least six slides;
  • must take between 2 minutes 30 seconds (2:30) and 3 minutes 30 seconds (3:30); and
  • must be something the class can understand (no higher math, for example).

Steps for Creating Your Presentation

You should use a USB Flash drive as your "home base" for creating your presentation. Of course, you must make frequent copies on another drive as a backup, but keep your project on the USB Flash: create it there, keep all of your media files there, and work on it there. When you give your presentation, you will plug in your USB Flash drive to the main class computer, and give your presentation from there.

You should be using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 for Windows. If you need to use a different program or version of PowerPoint, see me first, and do it no later than Week 4..

  • Create a new folder on your USB flash drive;
  • Save your presentation there;
  • Create a folder inside that folder for images and music;
  • Save all image, sound, and music files to the folder before inserting them;
  • Every time you make changes, save the folder to your Google Drive.

Requirements for Your Presentation

You must complete a variety of tasks in your presentation:

  • The slideshow must have a minimum of six (6) slides, and no more than 20 slides
  • You must create an original SLIDE BACKGROUND (solid color, gradient, texture, image) for all slides;
  • You must use at least two solid SHAPES (not lines / arrows)
    • TWO shapes must have a FILL and a SHAPE EFFECT
  • You must use at least one IMAGE
  • You must use at least one CLIP ART (a drawing, not a photo)
  • You must use at least two TEXT BOXES with a non-black text color
  • You must use at least two WORD ART objects
    • At least ONE of the text boxes must use a font face which is NOT "Calibri"
    • At least ONE of the text boxes or word art must be ROTATED
  • You must place one object on every slide using the SLIDE MASTER
  • Use at least three object ANIMATIONS in the slideshow, including:
    • at least ONE must be an EMPHASIS animation
    • at least ONE must be a MOTION PATH animation
    • at least ONE must be an EXIT animation
  • At least two animations must have SOUND EFFECTS:
    • DO NOT INSERT the sounds; they should not appear as objects on the slide
    • Double-click on the animation in the ANIMATION PANE and add the sound in the DIALOG BOX
    • use .WAV files
    • Add a COMMENT to TWO objects with SOUND EFFECTS (so I can find them for grading!)
  • Use at least one INSERTED MP3 music file as background music:
    • The music object must begin on slide #1 or slide #2
    • Music must PLAY ACROSS at least 3 slides
    • Be sure to HIDE the music object so it does not appear in the show
  • You must have SLIDE TRANSITIONS for every slide
    • At least TWO transitions must have SOUND EFFECTS (not inserted sounds!)


Backgrounds 5%
Slide Master object 5%
Shapes with fill and effect 10%
Text Box with color & font 5%
Word Art 5%
Pictures & Clip Art 5%
  Emphasis Animation 5%
  Motion Path Animation 5%
  Exit Animation 5%
  2 Sound Effects 5%
  Comments showing Sound Effects 5%
Transition 10%
Background Music 10%
Within 2:30 and 3:30 10%
Good Presenting Skills 10%

In addition:

  • Your presentation must be within 2:30 and 3:30 (2.5 minutes and 3.5 minutes); every minute it is too short or too long will subtract 5 points from the grade;
  • The "good presenting skills" grade includes:
    • keeping eye contact with the audience (don't look mostly at your notes, the computer, or the wall screen)
    • speaking loudly and clearly so everyone can hear you
    • if possible, use gestures or other body language—do not stand still and motionless all the time
  • If you need help from Mr. Poza, get it SOONER, not later. I will be glad to help anyone with a problem, but not the day before the final exam or after. If you need music or other media, see me and I may be able to help.
  • TEST your presentation on the NIC lab computers AT LEAST one week before your presentation, and fix any problems that may come up.
  • Your presentation FOLDERS (not just the PPT file, but everything) must be saved in your personal folder on the server by the START OF CLASS on the Final Exam day.


Some advice to remember:

  • Do not use a full script to give your presentation; this will only make you stare at your paper and not look at the audience;
  • You may use index cards, but try to write only Outline Points on them;
  • You do not have to memorize a speech; just be able to explain in natural speech;
  • Do not look at the TV screen all the time; only glance at it from time to time, and gesture to it. Do not turn your body away from the audience for more than a moment;
  • If you make a mistake, just pause and then start the sentence again; such small mistakes will not subtract from your grade, but getting upset or panicked will cause you to go over time limits;

Good luck!

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