CPS100 • Introduction to Computers

Lakeland College • Japan Campus

The Review Tab

The next tab in the Ribbon is the Review tab. This contains tools which can help you proofread and correct a presentation.

Proofing & Language

First, we have the proofing & language options:

  • Spelling and Grammar: perform a spell-check on your writing (avoid the grammar checker...)
  • Research: look up any word in a dictionary, thesaurus, or encyclopedia.
  • Thesaurus: look up synonyms for any word.
  • Translate: look up translations for any word, in several different languages (including Japanese).
  • Language: mark selected text as belonging to a certain language; this will allow for spell checking in that language.

Here are some examples of what you'll see:


Here, you can add small comments to the slide show. This is useful in proofreading, especially if you are doing it for a friend.

If you create a comment, it will open like this:

You then type your comment in the small window:

To finish, click outside the comment area; the writing area will disappear, leaving only this label, which you can move to any position on the slide:

Clicking on the comment label will cause the message to appear:

Double-clicking on the label allows you to edit the comment. By using the Ribbon buttons, you can also change to Edit mode, as well as move to the next or previous comment, or delete the comment. If any of these actions are not possible (because, for example, there are no comments), the buttons may be grayed out.

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