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Text Boxes & Word Art

So far, the only object we have learned to create is shapes. From here, we will concentrate on the rest of the objects, beginning with Text Boxes and Word Art.

In PowerPoint 2007, both text boxes and word art are really the same thing. Previously, Word Art was a different kind of object which was much more limited. However, the PowerPoint 2007, both text boxes and word art changed. What happened, really, was that many new special effects were added to text, and this replaced what we used to call "word art."

Text Boxes

A text box looks like any other placeholder, but it acts a little differently. When you create a text box, you will notice that the outline is dashed, not solid. This means that you are in text editing mode. When the text box is like this, you can only type text; you cannot move the whole box around in the slide.

In order to select the whole box and/or move it, you must click either on the outline of the box, or you must click in a blank area where there is no text. When you do that, the text box outline will become solid, and you can move the box around the slide.

If you wish to format the text in the text box, you must either (1) go into text-editing mode and select the text you wish to format (this allows you to format some or all of the text in the box), or (2) select the whole box by clicking on the outline or a blank area (this will only allow formatting the whole text box).

Once you have made the selection, go to the Home tab in the Ribbon, and use the Font and Paragraph areas to make the changes you wish.

Word Art

When you select a text box, you will notice that a new tab appears in the Ribbon: Drawing Tools: Format. When you select this tab, you will notice an area which is titled "Word Art Styles." This allows you to choose the kind of Word Art you wish. To the right are familiar buttons: Text Fill, Text Outline, and Text Effects. These are very similar to the controls for Shapes, except that they apply to the Text/Word Art. By using the Fill, Outline, and Effects on the Word Art, you can create any Word Art style you wish.

Word Art, however, is more than just styling the colors and basic effects; it is also about the shape of the text. Notice that in the Text Effects menu, there is an extra area: Transform. This allows you to choose a special shape which the text will fill into.

Here are just a few examples of different kinds of custom Word Art you can generate, even without changing colors:

It's A Shape!

Text Boxes and Word Art Boxes are actually just Shapes. And like any shape, you can apply the Shape Fill, Shape Outline, and Shape Effects to the boxes themselves, using the same tools as regular shapes.

In fact, you can make just about any shape into a text box or word art. It's very simple: just click on the shape and start typing:

After that, you can style the text or change it into Word Art as you like.

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